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As a writer I have an unusually varied background, since my work includes not only journal articles, academic papers, proposals, presentations, and speeches, but songs and poems as well. Decades of reading and writing across a wide range of disciplines and literary genres has given me a comprehensive vocabulary and a command of styles ranging from informative to persuasive and tones ranging from formal to colloquial. Thus, I can give expression to almost any set of ideas in a manner to suit almost any occasion.

My academic background is in History, a writing-intensive discipline, in which I hold a B.A. from Simon Fraser University and an M.A. from the University of British Columbia, both attained with a 4.0 grade-point average (see my
résumé). I never received a grade lower than an A on an English-language assignment. Aside from history, I have also read widely in philosophy and in both the social and the natural sciences.

I accept writing assignments of almost every variety, including the following:

  • Print or online articles, reports, and newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Proposals
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Songs and poems for special occasions
  • Advertisements and jingles

I also accept research assignments and coach other writers in improving their skills, whether at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced level (see Tutor for information on the latter).

Please note that I
do not write student papers or otherwise participate in violations of academic ethics.

Formal Prose

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My essay on the role of indigenous people in the Mexican Revolution illustrates my ability to write with clarity and precision, yet also with style and verve. With references to more than 100 sources in English and Spanish, including 32 primary sources, it also demonstrates my thoroughness and expertise in conducting both archival and bibliographical research.

Note: This master’s thesis was submitted under my former name, Peter Rogers. To verify that I am its author, see my
Certificate of Change of Name.

Informal Prose

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This is a web page I created to help the Cordillerans for a Non-British Non-Columbia promote their “grassroots initiative to rename Canada’s Pacific province.” Since the plan was to leave open the question of whether the project is a serious political enterprise or an elaborate exercise in leg pulling, my writing treads a fine line between humor and persuasion.


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An album of twelve of my original songs, Meadowlark was released in January 2015. The CD package includes this booklet of lyrics, which can stand alone as verse, ranging in mood from droll to rhapsodic. To learn more about me as a singer-songwriter, click here.
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