Payments may be made using any of the following methods:

  • 1. Drop off the payment in cash at my office (call ahead to make sure I'm in)
  • 2. Use online banking to send me an Interac E-Transfer (email money transfer)*
  • 3. To pay by credit card, contact me and ask me for a PayPal invoice**
  • *For Option 2, use this email address:
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**Option 3 is offered for your convenience. However, since PayPal charges me a fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each credit-card payment, I will add a corresponding charge to your invoice.

$40 per hour for one student or $48 per hour for two students, payable at or in advance of the appointment. Appointments that last longer than an hour are charged according to the actual tutoring time; for example, a one-student appointment that runs for an hour and forty-five minutes will cost $70. To book an appointment, click here for my contact information.


The charge for editing varies according to the amount of editing required or desired by the client. In general, there are three levels of service I offer:

Proofreading: 1–3 cents per word
~ Suitable for advanced or professional writers.
  • ~ Includes ten or fewer minor corrections per double-spaced page.

Basic Editing: 4–6 cents per word
~ Suitable for intermediate writers.
~ Includes corrections of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, along with simple revisions of vocabulary and syntax. Redundancy and repetition may be reduced where necessary. A few short comments may be made to call attention to passages that are unclear or ambiguous.

  • Comprehensive Editing: 7 or more cents per word
~ Suitable for beginning or ESL writers.
  • ~ Includes Basic Editing plus the following: more extensive revisions of vocabulary and syntax to improve clarity, coherence, or style; reordering of sentences and paragraphs and addition of transitional phrases or sentences where necessary to enhance the flow of the argument or narrative; more extensive reduction of wordiness, redundancy, and repetition; and more extensive comments regarding possible improvements, additions, or deletions.

If you supply me with a copy of your document, I will reply with an exact price quotation. Your document should be submitted in electronic form (preferably Microsoft Word), as an email attachment.


Fee scale varies according to the nature of the project. Payment is due in advance and may be made in installments for larger projects. If you provide me with a detailed description of your project, I will reply with a price estimate.
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